Kosovo is one of the most polluted regions in Europe, where most pollution levels are significantly above European Union (EU) levels. According to a World Bank report (January, 2013), “air pollution in Kosovo causes 835 premature deaths, 310 new cases of chronic bronchitis, 600 hospital admissions and 11,610 emergency visits each year.”

As a response, “Science for Change” project is an attempt to address these environmental concerns through “citizen science” – involving young people and ordinary citizens in the monitoring of air pollution in their local communities. Launched by Transitions, Internet Artizans, the Innovations Lab Kosovo, Peer Educators Network, and Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo and supported by the Czech MFA and UNICEF Kosovo, the project’s first activities took place in 2014.

The training workshop “Get data, take action and drive change” is part of the second phase of “Science for Change” project and it’s an invitation for all young activists concerned with environmental pollution to apply for the training workshop taking place between 20-22 November 2015.

The training workshop aims to develop competences and skills, and build capacities of 30 young activists to take an active role in Citizen Science Movement through variety of actions: air pollution monitoring, data collection and visualization, evidence-based advocacy campaigning, and non-formal environmental education.

Objectives of the training workshop

  • To develop participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to identify, analyze and tackle environmental pollution, specifically focused on air pollution;

  • To build participants’ skills on evidence-based advocacy campaigning techniques;

  • To learn about and experiment, analyse and evaluation approaches, methods and tools for “citizen science”;

  • To motivate and empower participants to take active role in Citizen Science Movement in Kosovo through “Science for Change” project;

  • To support participants in defining their role, developing and implementing initiatives within the “Science for Change” project.

The training workshop is based on blended learning, combining theoretical and practical learning. The training workshop is based on principles of non-formal education, being learner-centred and highly participatory.

The training course is designed for participants who are:
  • Aged between 16 and 27 years, exceptions can be made if justified;

  • Residents of Kosovo - encouraged are youth from the following locations: Prishtina, Drenas, Obilic, Fushe Kosova and Plemetina;

  • Have capacity to mobilise young people around issues of their concern, but particularly related to environment, air pollution, human rights, campaigning and activism;

  • Motivated to take part in all phases of the training workshop;

  • Expected to support and take active role in the “Science for Change” project.

  • Speak, at least, one of the following languages: English, Albanian, and Serbian.

Application, procedure and selection of participants

All candidates must apply on-line, completing the application form under this

Applications must be submitted by 16 November 2015 until 17:00 o’clock. The team of trainers will select 30 participants on the basis of the profile outlined above. The selection will also take into account balance between sexes, geographical regions, different types of experience, and cultural backgrounds. A waiting list may be established. Candidates will be informed about whether their application has been accepted or rejected, and if they have been put on the waiting list, by 18 November 2015.

Further information about the “Science for Change” project can be found in the following For further information concerning the programme and different elements of the training workshop, please contact us at:

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